Spring 2016 Takeaways

This digital media class made it very clear that once digital projects, collections, and exhibits start, they (should) never end. There’s an immense amount of work that goes into producing and creating a digital exhibit, and one cannot go about creating something digitally without a sustainability plan. Even if you have a detailed plan, you’ve […]

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Digitization Victories and Challenges at the Library of Wales

While there is no one-size-fits-all plan for sustainability, many issues that exhibits and institutions face are similar in nature. The Library of Wales has some interesting digital exhibitions, including one focused on the architecture of Wales. I’m actually impressed with this exhibit. Initially, I wasn’t. Visually, it’s kind of painful to look at- Times New […]

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Exhibit Narrative

Ella very succinctly summarizes the details of our exhibit narrative below. In terms of the connections between the digital exhibit and the social media campaign, the soil has already been tilled, so to speak. We’ve already found several current student and alumni groups on Facebook for both Flower Tech and Lane Tech, so our exhibit’s […]

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American Bison at the Smithsonian

For this week’s blog post, I found it difficult to find a suitable exhibit for analysis. I ran into so many sites with the same problem we’ve discussed all semester- many of them hadn’t been properly maintained, and so many videos are no longer viewable. Besthistorysites.net in particular needs to get it together. In general, […]

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The Analog-Digital Divide: Social Media Storytelling

Alexander’s The New Digital Storytelling centers around creating a compelling narrative in a digital storytelling setting, or telling stories with digital technologies. Alexander’s discussion of digital storytelling goes hand-in-hand with Sam Han’s discussion of how users interact within Web 2.0.  In Chapter 5, Alexander discusses social media storytelling in terms of audio and video. He begins with a […]

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Metadata and Omeka

Like the web, metadata is always evolving, and for me,  it’s always had an air of elusiveness around it. I really appreciated the way that metadata is defined here. Succinctly, (since the 1990s) “metadata” denotes machine-readable descriptions of things, most commonly in the context of the Web. The structured descriptions of metadata help find relevant […]

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