Metadata and Omeka

Like the web, metadata is always evolving, and for me,  it’s always had an air of elusiveness around it. I really appreciated the way that metadata is defined here. Succinctly, (since the 1990s) “metadata” denotes machine-readable descriptions of things, most commonly in the context of the Web. The structured descriptions of metadata help find relevant […]

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Reminiscing with a Museum Professional

I spoke briefly with Heather, the collections manager at the Joliet Area Historical Museum (JAHM), a small museum near my hometown. I’d worked under her for two years as an undergrad, so I used this discussion as a means to catch up with her, as well as discuss the current state of the museum/ collection. […]

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Everybody Loves Ken Burns (and jazz)

For this blog post, I’ll be looking at the PBS website for Jazz: A Film by Ken Burns. While browsing around for a site to cover initially, I discovered It sounds like a hoax site that would have pop-up ads every 15 seconds, but I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of resources offered. Unfortunately, […]

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